Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Introducing Ayefro Inc.

We are very excited to introduce to you our new and highly innovative product, Ayefro Inc.

UPDATE: We have a website now!

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Ayefro Inc is evolving the process of events planning by connecting goods and service providers to clients through a ground-breaking mobile solution.

Watch this space as we head towards the grand unveiling.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Today, we have a guest writing on this blog. I have shared it here so that we can all learn something from it.
Image result for insurance scam

Some of you may relate to this experience if you have ever schooled in a boarding house. Getting your bucket of water to the bathroom and when you go to pick up your sponge, towel and soap, you return to meet an empty bucket. Yes, that’s what it was like to wake up and see a notification from my bank saying I have been debited because of an insurance company.

To be fair, I will say there was some negligence on my part but I will help create the awareness so no one gets bullied again.

It all started when I was a month away from completing my national service, a colleague approached me with an insurance policy which was like saving for pension so I was interested. After giving it some thought, I decided to join stating clearly I will be ready the following year when I may have probably secured a job. 

Secondly, he said I could decide the fee I want to contribute making it flexible.

Three months later, he called me to find out if I had heard from the company, I had not received a call, text nor email from them so I knew the application was not processed and didn’t bother any more.

On 19th December, 2016, at 10:35 AM after a phone call, I received a message saying GHS XX.XX has been debited from a/c no …. I was filled with anger immediately. I called my friend, he gave me another contact, called that too and finally had to call their office. The instruction was I had to visit the office if I wanted anything done which I did with lightning speed.

Now that I cancelled the policy, here is what transpired. I can only stop after 2 years. If am to cancel, I forfeit the money debited, the cancellation can take place after January next year after the second debit is done. I can only apply for refund if any debiting then after January.

It’s one thing when you walk into an office and they say you forfeit a claim, but it’s feels different when they are arrogant about it. And when you tell them they should have made an attempt to at least make a form of contact, they ignore that and tell you, you signed onto the scheme. And you can’t leave a form there for more than 6 months. I am waiting to see if the cancellation will take place because others have had a very bad experience.

To have the customer service of a private firm, a financial institution this bad, is just WOW. Even some government institution will beat them with over 50% if we are to score. I sat listening to hear at least a “sorry” from them, but NO. So when I was given the cancellation form I started to laugh. You can clearly see that all their interest is in your money and not your well-being. 

I bought items I didn’t need, giving out money and gifts to people I did not know in the process, just because of how the people treated me. The sense that the person has your interest at heart and not what you have only. It has a powerful rippling effect as studies show word of mouth advertising is the most effective and powerful method of advertising.

People are already skeptical about insurance companies and with my experience, StarLife you can do better.



Thursday, May 12, 2016


Each year, his goodness follows me.
2015 began with a shock. Knocked down.
Well, guess what, 2016 also began with a shock. Phone stolen. Another knock down.
But goodness sat on okada, mercy jumped in a taxi.
Everywhere I pass, I see them behind me.
On my left, favour, and on my right, glory. I'm blessed. Blessed basaaa.

The Jehovah witnesses say, to celebrate your birthday, only the ungodly may.
Well isn't it funny, because I was born in May. And on the 12th day, I get the opportunity to pray, go to my knees, giving God the glory. Giving him praise, for each day is a gift. Asking for his mercy and grace to walk in the light of his way.

Well, people also say, you brother, you have fallen.
 I asked what's the reason,
They said, in your car, Lumba was playing,
Nodding your head, I saw you listen.
Some also say, yo bro, you are backsliding,
I ask what's the reason?,
They say you no longer come for prayer meeting.
Hmmm, I think to myself, really??? Like seriously???

I used to be very legalistic. Living to please men. Pure hypocrisy. Deep down, I still suffered with battling with secret hidden sinful delicacies. Eg. Pornography
Others say I'm living carnalistic, someone once said I'm even close fisted.
Such words make me excited.
Well I don't reject it,
I don't expect you to see my perspective,
I don't expect you to accept and respect it.
But what do you expect when I'm in a different season and session??

Now, I'm maturing in the faith. I'm learning to pay bills, even make wills and grow in grace. I'm learning to have a biblical worldview and shape the culture.

I'm learning to be more tolerant and loving. To reach out to the less deserving in society.

People struggling with identity crisis.
Showing to them who really Christ is.
Humbling myself and showing what pride is.
Working hard to show the youth to love and live simple.
Helping my beloved to be the example,
of who a good bride is.
So even as I write this,
I hope you see where I've been. Where I've lived.

I love myself. I know who I am in Christ. I don't struggle to live righteous. But I make an effort to at least live holy. To the best of my effort. To God be the glory. Another anniversary he has given me. Another opportunity to be forgiven.
Help me say thank you Jesus.
Cheers 🍻.

Cyber 2016

Thursday, March 31, 2016


Back to my missing phone saga.I went to the airport just before Christmas to meet up with this bogga lady, who was going to do a transit to Kumasi (Ghana) straight from New York. So I got to the airport real early, patiently waiting for the flight to touch down. Of course, it delayed. By three hours. Whilst waiting, the crowd at the airport was rapidly building. Lots of people had come to greet and welcome their loved ones back home. They just couldn't wait for the announcement over the PA system of a particular flight which hopefully was carrying that precious loved one.

So, I finally got my phone. A brand new ZTE AXON PRO, 64GB ROM, 4GB RAM, DUAL CAMERAS, LOUD FRONT-FACING SPEAKERS, QUAD HD SCREEN and the latest android version. I even heard that the screen was antibacterial. Chale, what else could a tech and gadget addict like me ask for? 

I just couldn't wait to get home and unbox it. Like a groom who has been waiting patiently for all the ceremony of the wedding to be over, so that he can take his wife home, and cheer her up. (Wink).

This was just before Christmas day, 2015. What a lovely Christmas. gift I had purchased for myself. Plus, I had been smart enough to wait for BLACK FRIDAY DEALS ON AMAZON.COM, before purchasing the phone. Thus, I had saved almost $300 at the time of purchase. What a smart guy I am. I kept telling myself so. I was so proud of myself. Extremely proud.

Well, as fate would have it, I was made the MC for a youth programme on the First day of the year, 2016. Not only was I the MC, I was also billed to perform at the event because, well, I am a very talented, creative, something something.

The programme started on a pretty high note with various spectacular performances. It built up to a crescendo when I took the stage to perform/minister with my team of artists. We did a medley of rap and worship which was pretty awesome. If I am allowed to say so myself. You don't believe me, see the emotion and energy in the picture below! Believe me now?

yours truly with my talented team during one of our rehearsal sessions

So, we brought the roof down that day. And as if it had been rehearsed, the moment we were done and we took our bows, thank you, thank you, with people cheering so loudly and screaming for more, all of a sudden, ECG (ELECTRICITY COMPANY OR CORPORATION OF GHANA) switched off the lights. Don't worry, in my part of the world, it is a very common phenomenon. I noticed that a lot of my readers are from USA, Germany, Poland, etc, that is why I am taking the pains to explain this.

statistics of average daily blog views in terms of country

Chale, I am an INTERNATIONAL BLOGGER OOO. What a Shock!

Anyways, back to my story. I feel like DEADPOOL here. The lights went out and for a brief moment, we (me and my team of extremely talented artists) stepped out of the auditorium. There noor, I remembered that I had left my gorgeous phone on the front seat in the auditorium, where I had. been sitting as. MC. I rushed into the now dark auditorium, took a look at the place where the phone should have been, and then my heart sunk. 


ALIBABA, must have come around.

Since that day, all efforts to recover my stolen phone, proved futile.

I used all the apps, even wrote a mail to google. Nothing! I contacted the Telecommunication networks to assist. Nothing! I even prayed to God and did a week of fasting! Nothing!

It is at this point that I want to introduce the 3rd reason why you should not buy the Samsung Galaxy S7. 


So, unless you already have some super tracking app installed on your phone when you buy it, maybe you should reconsider buying such an expensive phone, at least, till the price is reduced to clear.

So, maybe, this post has not been appropriately titled. Perhaps, I should call it, 10 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD NOT BUY THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S7, AT LEAST, UNTIL YOU FIND A WAY TO RETRIEVE IT WHEN IT GETS STOLEN

isn't it interesting that there is another place called Circle, outside Ghana where phones disappear?

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


features of the Samsung Galaxy S5 at a glance
Today, I continue to show you why you must not buy the Samsung Galaxy S7. At least, not yet. Especially, if you previously purchased the Samsung Galaxy S5.

I received so much feedback from the first of this series with people telling me how grateful they are to me for showing them a timeless secret in Tech and trending fashions.

So without further ado, lets head straight into the second reason/


The Samsung Galaxy S7 is essentially, the Samsung Galaxy S5 with a faster processer and a different kind of material on the outside!

Samsung is trying to appeal to you to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S7, or upgrade from the Samsung Galaxy S6, with the following key points.

1. Water resistance, Champagne resistance (See lil wayne picture below).


Seriously? How many of us buy phones with the intention of pouring Champagne on it? I mean come oooooooooooooon! WHO DOES THAT???? 

Basically, What Samsung is telling you is that dish out $800 or 3,200 Ghana cedis so that you can buy a phone which, technically, allows you to pour champagne on it, though for the fear of throwing your money away, you are never going to do so!

Well well. 

What makes this even more pathetic, as a marketing ploy, is the fact that THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 HAS. THE SAME WATER AND DUST RESISTANCE CAPABILITIES.

The argument here is that, in moving from the S5 to the S6, Samsung intentionally decided to remove the water resistance feature from the S6, so that they can reintroduce it in the S7, as if it is some amazing innovation, and a justification for you to buy the S7. 

I would like to point out to those people like Kobby Spiky Nkrumah and other Samsung die-hard fans who would most likely criticise this article by stressing on the increase in processer power and increase in RAM from 2GB in the S5 to 3GB on the S6 and possible 4GB of RAM in the S7 and a Quad HD screen in the S6 and S7 as enough motivation to upgrade that, despite those somewhat minor improvements, many of those who intend to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S7, are not going to notice the change in the internals of the new phones. Especially, the young ladies who are going to be giving their bfs/baes/boos, intense pressure to buy them some for their birthdays, vals day, etc,

"In my opinion, unless the next generation of smartphones come with Projectors, Virtual Reality headsets, ability to Program Software on the phones, Night Vision Cameras, Metal Detector Scanning etc, I don't see why anyone should purchase a new phone every six months, which do not necessarily improve the end-user experience at all."

So, maybe, this post has been wrongly named. Perhaps, I should have titled it 10 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD NOT BUY THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S7, AT LEAST IF YOU HAVE A WORKING SAMSUNG GALAXY S5.

Next, I will show you why buying a Samsung Galaxy S7 may be a completely useless venture. Oh trust me, you are going to love it. I will share my personal experience, which is a very painful one.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Previous Samsung Galaxay Lineups

2016 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

This post is not to breakdown the features of the Samsung Galaxy S7, you can find that elsewhere by doing a simple google search. This post is to make you understand why you don't really need to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7, at least not now.

However, to drive the point I would be making home, please see below for the summary of the features of this Samsung flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S7 at a glance

So, with that out of the way, lets go right into the matter.


In 2015, the Samsung Galaxy S6 launched for as high as $850.

Guess what, today, it is selling for as low as
Source: Amazon

This is obviously a no-brainer. Why buy a phone today which would cost you over 3,200 Ghana cedis, the current equivalent of the Samsung Galaxy S7 launch price of approximately 800 dollars.

Source: Amazon

In 2013, I purchased my HTC one M7 smartphone for the equivalent of 700 dollars. That is how much it was. launched for. In Ghana, it sold for around 1,400 cedis. Guess what it costs today 3 years later????


Yes, that cheap. With all the same functionalities. You don't believe it? Take a look.
Source: Amazon

So, maybe, this post has not been appropriately titled. Perhaps, I should call it, 10 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD NOT BUY THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S7, AT LEAST, NOT YET!

Don't forget, this is only the first of ten reasons

Next, I will explain why if you purchased a Samsung galaxy S5, you dont need a Samsung Galaxy S7!!!

Till then, what is your opinion? Are you still going to throw your hard-earned money away on a phone which a year by now will sell for less than it takes to take a girl to lunch at a five star hotel? Leave a comment.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Do you read your partner's WhatsApp messages?

First of all,  lemme make it clear that I don't ever check my partner's phone, her pictures, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

Why don't I do so???  I don't care one bit, what my partner has on her phone, WhatsApp, or Facebook. I prefer to trust my partner totally, be totally ignorant and stand the risk of being deceived, than breach my partner's privacy.

My beloved once asked if she could go through my WhatsApp messages, I reacted strongly, and said she shouldn't. In fact I forbade her from ever going through my WhatsApp messages.

 Why would I do something so harsh, which might cause me endless nights of nagging??

I believe that always, the underlying factors should be dealt with. 

I prefer that you tell me upfront that you are Feeling insecure,  jealous or whatever, rather than going through my pictures or messages, trying to snoop for information.

Am I supposed to keep password on my own phone so that my partner does not go through?
Do you think it is right to keep a password on your phone when in a relationship?

I know that someone may argue that if you are in a relationship leading to marriage, you should not have any secrets. However,  I grew up in a family where my mum or dad,  or brother,  have never seen my nakedness, since I hit the age of 12. Needless to say, privacy is highly appreciated in my family.  Having grown up with this mentality,  I feel very violated if anyone, tries to intrude into my private space, for any reason.
I feel like I'm being raped. Please, ladies, and guys,  if you are also in the habit of doing so, don't ever snoop through your partner's phone, seeking answers to your suspicions.  It's never healthy. If I find out that you did it behind my back, the feeling you give me is that you don't trust me. I have learned the hard and bitter way that where there is no trust in a relationship,  the relationship is as good as dead.

If you think your man is close to a certain lady and that gets you worried,  I  would advise that you go and talk to him in a non-accusatory tone and calmly explain to him the effect of his closeness to another of the opposite sex, on you.
Mostly, if you go snooping for information, you are likely, to find trouble. After finding the trouble, how do you go about addressing it,  since you were not supposed to be snooping in the first place???

Do you now suffer quietly and drift further and further apart???  That's why I insist that the solution is not checking his personal information, but having a heart to heart talk. If you feel neglected, less loved,  jealous, insecure, say so. If you are able to talk about this aspect of your relationship with maturity, I believe that you would be a stronger couple.

I know that I'm not the authority on relationships and so if you have any differing opinion,  feel free to make your comments known. Have you ever snooped on your partner,  did it result in anything positive?